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Wedding Catering - At the Root of a Successful Wedding Function

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Wedding catering is an integral part of a successful wedding function. If the guests don't enjoy their food, then even the most lavish function can be easily spoiled and leave unhappy memories for the couple. Wedding caterers can be hired independently or as part of a package along with the booking of the function hall. Catering usually included staff, food, beverages (non-alcoholic) and rentals. The all-important wedding cake is usually not part of the package with most couples opting to get their cake catered independently. 

Cost of catering

Before you decide your menu, it's key that you decide how much you are willing to pay for this area of your wedding. Take a look at your entire wedding budget and then make a calculated judgement on how much you can actually afford. Going over the budget may make you look grand in front of your guests; however, post-function you may have accumulated a large bill which can really spoil the newly wedded mood. On average couples spend around $12–15k on the venue plus catering. Also, factor in the cost of cake-cutting fees so you have everything all planned out. 

What to include in your menu?

You will likely have your closest family and friends on one of the most important days of your lives. You need to be aware of any allergies, food sensitivities and food preferences before you finalise your menu. Those with allergies can become seriously ill upon consuming even a small portion of the allergen-containing food, so create a lively menu that is also safe for everyone to eat. Additionally, you must take into consideration the flavour preferences of not only the bride and the groom but also of your guests. You certainly don't want an all seafood menu for those who can't stand the taste of fish. Moreover, what is the overall mood of your wedding function? If your theme is boho chic, then your menu can't be an all-Italian extravaganza. 

Browse, browse, browse

Start planning your menu well before the wedding date and not at the last minute. Browse different wedding caterers, taste the food, share ideas and take the time to really plan out every aspect. This is an event of a lifetime, so you must do your best to make it as memorable as possible!

Always keep in mind that well-prepared, thoughtful, simple food is always in style, so if you are confused, don't put the latest food trends over time-tested favorites that will create beautiful memories.