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5 Dairy-Free Finger Foods For Party Guests With Food Allergies

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If you're organising a finger food buffet for your party, it's worthwhile checking if any of the guests have food allergies. You wouldn't want anyone to feel excluded, and food allergies are on the rise. A recent survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found more respondents were allergic to dairy than any other food allergens, such as wheat and egg, so what finger foods can you provide that guests who refrain from dairy can enjoy? Here are five suggestions:

Mini Kebabs

Mini wooden skewers are perfect for holding a selection of bite-sized sliced vegetables, such as peppers, mushrooms and courgette. You can stick to vegetables or alternate shrimp, chicken or lamb. Have the kebabs brushed with a garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil marinade before cooking and every bite will be packed with flavour.

Quinoa And Vegetable Croquettes

Fresh vegetables and fluffy quinoa are mixed with flour and eggs before being baked until golden brown and crispy. Peas, shredded carrot and broccoli work well with the quinoa, and the croquettes can be served hot or cold. Enjoy them on their own or serve with mild salsa or baba ganoush.

Turkey Roll Ups

Turkey roll ups simply use thin slices of turkey breast instead of a tortilla wrap. Fillings are placed on the turkey slices and they are rolled up and ready for your guests to enjoy. Popular fillings include avocado slices with microgreens and hummus with cucumber and strips of red pepper.

Smoked Salmon And Avocado Maki Rolls

Sushi rice is made with rice wine vinegar, short grain rice and a little sugar, and maki rolls can have any filling you like. The nori seaweed that surrounds the rice is packed with vitamins, and smoked salmon and avocado is a popular filling that feels luxurious and keeps this option healthy.

Oat And Coconut Bliss Balls

No party would be complete without a sweet treat, but cakes and desserts usually have butter or cream in them. Oat and coconut bliss balls are made with dates, shredded coconut and jumbo oats, which are combined with a little maple syrup and cocoa powder before being rolled into balls. These raw treats are reminiscent of chocolate caramels.

These are just a few suggestions for finger food catering that may work well. Your caterer will have additional suggestions, and you can work with them to find options that complement the rest of the buffet.