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How to Organize Catering for a Graduation Party

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As the academic year draws to a close, many families around the country are planning graduation parties for their newly graduated students. Here are some ideas for easy to make dishes that will make your graduation party extra special this year. 


As graduation parties tend to occur in December or January, it's good to opt for some food that can be served cool, as the weather is often quite warm. You can have a range of sushi with different meats or vegetable/tofu fillings so that both your vegetarian and meat-eating friends will have tasty options to eat. Serving sushi is also a good option because they are easy to eat with a single hand.

Crudités in the school colours

This can also be a fun time to celebrate the school that the guest of honour attended. In most cases, you can choose some vegetables to place on a crudité platter in the school colours (unless your school has a tricky colour like silver, of course!). If you are very creative, you can even try and replicate the school crest in the pattern of the crudités. You can also add a range dips to make the vegetable platter more appealing.

'Student food'

If your student is known for liking typical 'student food' such as pizzas or ramen, you can also include some fancier versions of these foods as snacks, such as shot glasses of ramen topped with shredded chicken and mint leaves or bite-sized pizza topped with fresh tomato and mozzarella. These can be a little warm for this time of year but can be a cute way to reference your student's food habits and might be a popular option with their peers. 

Cake balls 

While a big cake can look very dramatic, people often don't want large slices of cake. Consider making one cake that is highly decorated for the purposes of the photos and then some easier to snack on cake balls which are single, spherical spoon-sized servings of cake served on skewers. These can be much easier to eat while talking to other party guests due to their small size. 

If you are not feeling creative enough to approach creating some of these dishes such as a crudité platter in the school crest, you can often get a local catering service to help your party out. This can relieve a lot of stress from the party organiser and leave you free to enjoy your event.